January 30, 2017 Button or Link? Don’t make me think!

Well thought out buttons and links are vital to the success of your website and should make user’s choices easy.

Text links do’s and don’t

By ‘text links’ (sometimes called hyperlinks) I am referring to the links that often appear in the website’s copy which link to other content of interest but not of key importance.

Historically text links were displayed as underlined blue text, making their purpose clear to a new and emerging audience.

Modern coding has enabled us to change the appearance of links so they better match the company’s brand and colours. Though this is cool, it can lead to poor usability.

Common usability issues include:

  • Links look too similar to page copy and get overlooked
  • Some colour choices can make links invisible to colour blind usersThis affects approximately 1 in 12 men (8%) and 1 in 200 women
  • Avoiding established conventions makes life harder for users

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