Compound Eye

“Garry is easily the most complete designer I’ve worked with. He’s firmly rooted in the real world of business priorities, timelines, budgets and technology but he can inject creativity and spark into the least promising raw material. Garry is excellent at establishing a rapport with clients and managing the relationship with them. His approach involves such effective collaboration that customers normally start projects feeling they’ve designed something with Garry rather than commissioned something from him, making downstream redesigns or abrupt changes far less likely.”

Mark Stockley, Director


“After living with our old website for a year we decided we wanted to simplify things and update the look and feel. We knew we wanted to stay loyal to our brand and were looking for a designer to help us along that journey. Garry listened to our brief perfectly and within one day had a design we all loved! Turning that design into a reality was an extremely easy process. Garry’s approach lets you move quickly and not get bogged down in project plans as is the case with other design agencies we’ve worked with. This is the way website development should be.”

Gareth Sobocinski, Director

GP Residential

“Garry understood immediately what I wanted to achieve and explained all of the options clearly and concisely. The professionalism in approach has helped me in my endeavour to create a site that clearly communicates our business, and the services we offer. It is both easy for the viewer and straight forward for me to update and organise. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Harriet Gascoigne-Pees, Director