Visual design

Whether you’re planning a brand new website or assessing your current one, I can help. I have been designing websites since the late 1990s, and more recently, mobile applications and responsive websites. The majority of my experience has been with e-commerce, music streaming and portfolio websites for a wide range of clients including Tescos, Sophos, Neff, Epsom and Fujitsu Siemens.

I have a simple approach and believe in empowering my clients to be in control of their website and to have an active role in the design process to ensure they’re 100% happy. To achieve this I use a multi-staged design process, which requires input from the client after no more than half a day’s work is done, demonstrating the design discussions in a language anyone can understand.

I also recently spent two years as a User Experience designer experience for Blinkbox in London. My responsibilities included testing, evaluation and competitor analysis to gain insight into the needs of our customers.

It is important to remember that how people perceive your website or app, how it makes them feel, and whether or not they are motivated enough to use your service, and ultimately return, are key considerations for any small business. I have a number of techniques which I use to evaluate user experience, which can differ from project to project, but I generally start with an evaluation of your current service and if needed, your key competitors. This can then be followed by more extensive research if necessary, or a more lean & analytical approach as your business grows.

View more examples of my work on pinterest.

HTML, CSS & WordPress

I have over 15 years industry experience in developing WordPress, Drupal, HTML, CSS.

If I was to describe my best quality as a front-end developer, then it would be my attention to detail when it comes to the translation of a design concept to a web page, combined with my ability to make design decisions on the fly.

WordPress is my CMS of choice as it’s quick and easy to configure and very flexible, which is one of the main reason why it has grown so much in popularity. WordPress comes with many features most small businesses wants for free and straight forward theme development means applying designs is relatively painless. I have also recently gained some experience in Drupal theme development and use of jQuery libraries for add subtle transitions and functionality to improve the user experience.

Finally, I can also assist you with getting your domain name, website hosting, file transfers, email addresses, analytics setup and on-going maintenance.