May 23, 2016 The Weekly (ish) Standup

Hi All. I had a bit of a brainwave the other day as I was puzzling as to what my next enthralling blog post installment was going to be about, and it occurred to me that I was going about this all the wrong way. Why does it need to be about one subject? I thought to myself, whilst I should have been listening to the morning standup I was attending. Why do I need to show the world how clever I am? I’m really not that clever, or brilliant, read my blog posts and you’ll see… However, I’m better than most, have been doing this since the 90s and work constantly at the not so shiny end of the industry, where budgets are tighter that my mate Brian’s trousers (stop eating so many cakes mate), and I constantly have to use my imagination and experience to deliver projects to the highest standards to increasingly ludicrous deadlines. Anyway, I’m babbling (as usual). My idea, in short, is to do a weekly ‘Stand Up’ meeting with you guys, just like I do when I work at work and pass on a gobbit or two of problems encountered and how I’ve worked around them. I’ll add comments to my site, and if you have a better solution, then let me know.

So here’s an example from the other day. I was building the UI for the new website, which I designed for, who are running the project. The site is a Drupal 8 site, but that’s not important right now as this was a CSS issue. I had made the decision to use and experiment with CSS Flex on this project (it’s really quite awesome when you get your head around it). Anyway, I had an issue with one column on my ‘Flexed’ layout, which contained a very long string (a course code, so a real-life example). The problem was that the string would not break, even with the CSS ‘word-wrap: break-word’, and the UI always stretched to the length of the string. I did a quick bit of Googling and found that this is a known ‘Bug’ with Flex, so decided to fall back on my old favorite CSS ‘display: table’ techniques for this piece of UI, and it worked fine 🙂 Done.

In other news, I was happy to see the Bible Reading Fellowship website, which I designed and built in collaboration with Versantus, went live earlier this week, have a look if you like •

Till next time.